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Residential Doors

Automatic Garage Doors sell, install and repair a large range of garage doors. Traditional roller doors, sectional doors, flex-a-door or the classic timber look doors.

Automatic Garage Doors only sell and install reputable brand names including B&D, Steel Line and Door Works. This gives our customers that all our doors are made to the highest quality Australian manufacturing standards and are made to last in the harsh Australian climate.

We have over 20 years industry experience and have never met a door we couldn’t install or repair. Our reputation for high quality workmanship and long term commitment to maintenance and ongoing client satisfaction has set Automatic Garage Doors as the installers of choice for Sydney residents needing a new garage door.


  • Panelift sectional doors are made using large individual panels that store along the ceiling of your garage when open. Many design and colour choices are available in our Panelift range, making it a popular choice for those looking to enhance their home’s street appeal and value.
  • Firmadoor® roller doors deliver the best in value at an affordable price. Each door is custom made with a range of features that deliver affordable strength and durability.
  • The Rollmasta® roller door is the ideal choice if you are looking for a good quality roller door at a budget price. Strong, secure and attractive and manufactured from a name you can trust.
  • When you buy a B&D Roll-A-Door®, you’re buying an Australian icon. Australia’s most popular roller door includes the top of the line in design, styling and features.


Repairs and Service

garage_door_not_openingJust like your car requires a regular service to keep it running smooth and problem free, your garage door motor requires the same level of care and maintenance.  Ongoing care and maintenance of your garage door motor is one way of increasing the life span and reliability of your motor.

Automatic Garage Doors provide service, repairs and replacement on all garage motors. We will review and choose the best garage motor replacement depending on the size of your garage and the age and style of your door. We will also review your garage and usage when choosing a new or replacement garage door opener to make sure you get the most effective and efficent device.

Where possible and cost efficent we will always attempt to repair your current garage door motor. If we believe it is not worth the expense of repair or the repair will only be a stop gap solution only then will we reccommend a replacement motor. Our reputation for quality and trust ensures we provide trusted advice to all our clients.

All new motors come with full manufacturer warranties.


Common problems with garage doors

  • Roller door ballooning
  • Jamming stuck closed or open
  • Opens manually not automatically
  • Emergency release stuck
  • Lock/key damaged
  • Door heavy to lift
  • Door dropping and not staying in open position
  • Remote control not working
  • Motor running but door not moving
  • Roller door noisy or squeaking
  • Broken springs or hinges
  • Bent wheels


Our Garage Door Services

Roller door

  • Clean vertical tracks
  • Lubricate and re-align
  • Clean and lubricate nylon felt on all four sides
  • Lubricate, adjust and re-tension internal springs
  • Clean and lubricate bushes on both sides
  • Reprogram motor, adjust the open and close limits and force adjustment
  • Replace weather strip

Tilt door

  • Adjust, re-tension and lubricate springs
  • Inspect and tension all nuts and bolts
  • Strengthen top frame angle brace
  • Reprogram motor, adjust the open and close limits and force adjustment

Sectional door

  • Adjust, re-tension and lubricate springs
  • Inspect and tension all nuts and bolts
  • Strengthen top frame angle brace
  • Reprogram motor, adjust the open and close limits and force adjustment
  • Clean, adjust and lubricate wheel bearings
  • Replace weather strip

Automatic Doors

garagedoorinrainNothing is more inconvenient than having to get out of your car to open the garage door manually. Whether it’s raining, cold and windy or you are just to tired, automating your garage door is the most convenient solution. An automatic garage door makes it simple to enter and exit your home without having to get out of your car. The simplicity of forgetting something in the garage is no longer a hassle of unlocking the door, manually opening the roller and then repeating the process upon leaving. Simple press a button and the door is open.

Automatic Garage Doors install ATA, Herculift and Merlin brand automation systems. Our suppliers have the latest technology and trusted reliable solutions.

If your garage door is no longer working with your old remote control or the motor is not working call our team and we will update or repair your system if possible.


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